iSnooker 2.2

Online platform game that allows you to play snooker over the Internet
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iSnooker is an online platform game that allows you to play snooker over the Internet. You can choose your opponents in two ways. Either you play against AI (artificial intelligence) or versus other players. Depending on this you can use the software freely, no registered account being needed, or you need to purchase a membership code, in order to play on the Internet.

The game looks pretty classic. Besides the usual snooker table, you have a menu bar from which you can set the level of you skill level, the type of view (camera view), graphics, sounds, even a replay panel. First thing that caught my attention when I rolled the game, was the accuracy with which the balls move over the surface of the table. Usually when you see a pool game which integrates visual trails of the balls before you hit them, the job is pretty easy. Not in this case. iSnooker integrates visual trails, helping you to predict the trajectories of the balls, but it is highly variable according to the angle of your shot, strike power or the position of the white ball. All these ensure a realistic side of the game, making it a bit more difficult than other pool games.

The platform also integrates a voice guide that will help you along the way, so you don't need to worry about the rules if you are a beginner.

Dennis Niels
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  • Very realistic
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